OWLHeizer engine preheater

The heater from the socket!


Popular and established since 2009




Advantages of an electric motor preheater:

  • Low purchase price and low installation costs
  • Operation in closed garages possible
  • Very small and compact in design, and universal fit for all vehicles.
  • Is ensured pump integrated in the preheater, such that the continuous circulation of the cooling water during the Aufheizfase.
  • Fuel saving, due to shortened warm liquor
  • Minimizes engine and catalyst wear
  • Minimizes wear on the vehicle battery
  • Installation is simple to implement and low cost.

OWLHeizer OWL-1S Pro with porfessional connection kit


The alternative to heating

Electric engine preheater OWLHeizer OWL-1S Pro

  • 230Volt - 1100Watt - up to 80 ° C- Universal fitting
  • Small compact design
  • Integrated pump
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OWLHeizer OWL-4S 75-85°C 2000 Watt


The alternative to heating

Electric motor preheater OWLHeizer OWL-4S

  • 230Volt - 2000Watt - up to 85 ° C- Suitable for universal use
  • Small compact design
  • Integrated pump
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Here you will find a compiled collection of information,
Concern the assembly and operation of the engine preheaters