Heater up to 68°C

The alternative to the heater

Fuel system with up to 68 ° C, depending on the model, offering the opportunity to create a basic heat.

The engine can reach about up to 40 ° C outside. Inside warmer.

Within 1-2KM, the full operating temperature is reached.


Benefits of Electric engine heater:

  • 1h Operation ≈ ca. 1kWh ≈ 24Cent (1100Watt)
  • Operation in closed garages possible.
  • No emissions of exhaust gases during preheating
  • The vehicle battery is not loaded
  • Fuel saving, due to shortened warm liquor
  • Faster heating of the interior
  • Minimizes engine and catalyst wear
  • Minimizes wear on the vehicle battery
  • Protects the environment
  • Maintenance free
  • No intervention in the vehicle electrical system is necessary
  • Compact design with integrated pump and heating element
  • Low circulation resistance
  • Self-regulating through integrated thermostatic control
  • Installation in a workshop is possible
  • The OWL heater is more effective than engine preheating without a pump
  • Armored, protected cable in the engine compartment (OWL-1/2S)


Motorvorwärmungen with connection set:

OWL 2 60 ° C with easy connection set

OWL-2S Pro 68 ° C with a professional connection set

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OWLHeizer OWL-2S Pro with porfessional connection kit

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OWLHeizer OWL 2 60 ° C with connection kit


The alternative to heating

Electric engine preheater OWL-2

  • 230Volt - 1100Watt - up to 60 ° C- Universal fitting
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